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Prior to becoming a Videographer with Stu Art Video Productions, Stu played in Melbourne band DROPZONE for 10 years, he also completed a diploma in sound production and mixed and recorded bands.

So he has a passion for music.

Most muso’s don’t have a lot of money to splash around, but every band or artist needs to have quality video to connect with people online and over seas.

We can work with you to produce a creative music video that represents what you’re about.

If you’re on a budget, we can suggest ways of making a creative film clip whilst keeping the price down. – Check out the clips below to see what we can achieve with a ‘one day shoot’

Prices usually range between $1000 - $1500 per shoot depending on the requirements. 

"Cannonball" – EL COLOSSO

"Cannonball" – EL COLOSSO

The new single “Cannonball” (May 2016) is described by Dave "Higgo" Higgins (Distortion) as: “... a MASSIVE wall of fuzz riffs basslines and drums that will kick your balls up through your stomach and out the back of your head. POWERFUL!” "Cannonball" is the follow-up to the band's first single, “Strung Out” (June 2015), with a full-length album currently in production. “Cannonball” is available digitally, on cd and a limited edition 7-inch vinyl. Filmed & edited by Stu Art Video Productions. Filmed at Bakehouse Studios, Richmond. Music by El Colosso (with thanks to David Gogerly & Adam Winzer). Recorded and mixed by Craig Harnath & Jez Giddings at Hothouse Studios, St Kilda. Mastered by Jack The Bear. _____________________________________________________________ HEAVY MAGAZINE REVIEW – by Rod Whitfield "El Colosso is a Melbourne based HEAVY rock four piece featuring some rather well-known names, faces, and playing styles from the Melbourne scene, including members of Mushroom Giant, Bring on the Junta and The Hybernators. "While this EP is only three tunes, they pack some serious variation into those three tracks. The title track is a typical barnstorming stoner rock freight train, with its titanic shuffle groove and bluesy swagger. It does what stoner rock does, that is, conjure up images of cruising along endless desert highways whilst indulging too heavily in the wacky tobaccy. "Instead of carrying on in that direction, the band turn the EP completely on its head with, Caught in Limbo, a mellow but moody acoustic piece with sweet stringy accompaniments and no drums whatsoever. "Strung Out, brings back the beast, with its straight ahead, four on the floor rock groove and thunderous, rolling bass line. "Three tracks, done and dusted, with that ‘reverse bell curve’ dynamic; smash to the face, pull right back, then slamming you once again. Simple, effective, classic."
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