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Videographer's Timeline

It's time to organise your wedding schedule for your videographer. Stu will give you a call in the week leading up to the big day to double check everything with you, however it would be absolutely awesome if you could take the time to send over some info now.


Please use the template below to provide us with your suggested timing for your day.  We will fine tune this of course during our final confirmation call. 


As a guide, most people have us on the same timeline as your photographer at the start of the day, or if you haven't worked that out yet, we suggest 45-1hr with the boys & 1hr - 1.5hrs with the girls. It's also important to allow enough time for your videographer to arrive at the ceremony 1/2hr before the ceremony commences so that we can film some pre-footage, connect & test our audio & set up tri-pods etc before your arrival. 

Please fill in your specifics below

*note - Videographer needs to arrive at the Ceremony location 1/2 hour prior to start time for sound check & pre footage

Reception Timeline
Fill in the fields  below each formality that is happening at your reception eg: 6:15 - Bridal Introductions, 6:20 - Cut the Cake etc

Sample Timeline (for example only)

1pm - 1:45 - Groom Preparations @ (enter address here)

2pm - 3:30 - Bride Preparations @ (enter address here)

4pm - Videographer to arrive @ (ceremony location)

4:25 - Bride arrives @ ceremony location

4:30 - Ceremony Commences

5pm - Photo shoot with family & bridal party 

6:30 - Guests Seated @ (Reception Venue Name & Address)

6:45 - Bridal Party Introductions

6:50 - Strait to cutting the cake

7pm - Entres Served

7:20 - 1st Dance (is your dance choreographed or just a shuffle?)

8pm - Mains served

8:45 - Speeches x 4

9:10 - Dance with Parents & More dancing

9:30 - Video Coverage Ends

Thanks for submitting!

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