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Q – Is my wedding day filmed in high definition?

A – Yes the resolution of your video will depend on which package you choose. The basic package is provided in 1080P resolution. All other packages are shot and edited in 4K. 

Q – Can I also get my video on DVD or Blu-ray?

A – Yes we offer DVD (Standard Def) & Blu-ray (1080p High Def) authoring as an additional extra. Pricing is available upon request. A popular alternative to this is our Video Play books (enquire with us). If you are not sure how to play your video on your TV, please give Stu a call and he'll give you some free training on the various options you have. 

Q – How long does my finished video go for?

A – All Packages, come with one edit included. Most couples opt for our “Long format, main movie edit” which on average ranges between 45mins-2hours in length. This edit features all of your formalities in their entirety (ie Ceremony, Speeches, Bridal Dance etc) and it it also includes cinematic wraps of the informal parts (ie getting ready, photo shoot etc). The overall length of these edits range in length according to how long your formalities take. ie church v celebrant wedding, length of speeches etc.

We also offer a ‘highlights edit’. This highlights edit summarises your entire wedding day in a cinematically edited music video. If you order our Highlights edit, as a bonus we will share a short 1min teaser on our Facebook & Instagram page shortly after your wedding. Click here for samples

Q – How do the hours with my package work?

A – If for example you choose 5 hours coverage, and start filming at the boys house at 3:30pm, your coverage will end at 8:30pm. In other words, the hours you select are based on your videographer's start and finish time.

Q – What type of cameras do you use?

A – We shoot using small, non-invasive mirror-less “DSLR style” cameras to obtain an ultra sharp, cinematic look. Video is been undergoing a massive evolution over the past decade, and we always move with the times and update our equipment as new cameras become available. Depending on the videographer you have, we currently use either Sony A7s’s or Canon R5/6 mirrorless cameras. 

Q – How do we make a booking and when do you need payment?

A – We require a  non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. (the amount depends on the package chosen) Then the balance is then split into two convenient payments: 50% of the balance of your order on or before the day of filming and the remaining 50% upon collection of your finished product.

Q – How do you record the sound at my wedding ceremony?

A – The audio from your wedding ceremony is captured using 2 to 3 methods depending on the venue. Firstly we attach a small wireless lapel mic on the chest of the groom. This wireless mic records crystal clear sound and is omni-directional, meaning it will not only capture the groom’s wedding vows, but also the bride’s. Secondly we record a second channel of sound from the on-camera mic (usually a rode stereo mic or shot gun pro mic) . Lastly, if available we will connect our sound recorder to the output of the church/celebrant PA system giving a clear feed from their microphone. If you have live performers at your ceremony ie a string quartet, singer, etc. please advise us beforehand as we may capture the performance using our portable sound recorder (Zoom H4n Recorder).

Q – It says you record our ceremony with 2 to 3 camera angles, does this mean there are more than one videographer on the day?

A – No, this is done using tri-pods. (unless you have chosen our Holy Grail Package) If the venue permits, we set up the second camera to record an alternate angle to the main camera. If possible, we will try to capture the groom’s reaction with the second camera as the bride walks down the aisle. During editing we are able to switch to the camera which has the best view, giving your ceremony a very professional finish.  Having said that, some of our videographers sometimes take assistants with them when shooting your wedding to help man the ‘b angle’ depending on the availability.

Q – Do you use lighting? When do you use it?

A – Our cameras handle low light very well, however extra lighting can help improve your picture in some settings. Generally the only time lighting is used is during the reception. We rarely require the use of additional lighting during the ceremony. Our style is to be as non-invasive as possible, and we are conscious of preserving the ambiance of the reception room.

Q – What if you are sick on the day of my wedding, what will happen?

A – We have a team of videographers at our disposal (Stu, Kelly, Jesse, James, Mike & Andy). Plus a number of quality videographers outside of our team we can call on if an emergency arrises. It is very rare that all of our videographers are booked out on the same day. But in the unlikely event that we are unable to cover the illness of one of our videographers from our own team, we are well connected with other high quality videographers in the industry and will do everything in our power to find an experienced cameraman to replace us, even if it leaves us out of pocket. – For the record, in nearly 20 years we have never had to call on someone outside the Stu Art team in a rare situation like this. 

Q – How much time should we allow for filming the wedding day preparations?

A – On average we suggest at least 1 to 1.5 hours with the girls, and about 45min to 1hr with the boys. The ideal time for us to arrive at the girls house is just after your hair and make up have been done, and you’re ready to put on your dress. We can then film the dress being adjusted, jewellery being put on and the family’s reaction at how beautiful you look.

Q – Can I get the raw footage supplied too?

A – No – Our end product is a mixture of what we film on the day, and how we process the footage in post production. Allowing raw footage to be given to our customers would be like giving a painting that has been half finished. But rest assured… the main movie edit which comes with your pacakge will feature all usable footage, so if its worth seeing, it’ll be included on your finished edit. The only parts edited out are non-usable or double up clips.

Q – How long after my wedding will my video be ready?

A – Our turn around time on editing can vary depending on the time of year and our current work load. As a rough guide our editing is usually completed within 2-4mths after your wedding depending on peak and off peak times of the year. If you have not supplied your song choices by the wedding day, the 2-4mth period commences from when your song choices are supplied. - so please supply your song choices before the wedding day to avoid delays.  Please speak to us to ascertain our current turn around expectations. If you have special circumstances and need a faster turn around time, please enquire about a rapid turn around as this can be organised with an additional cost. 

Q – Can I have copyrighted music in my video?

A – Yes you can for your long form wedding movie edit, as this edit is generally too large for sharing online. If you have ordered our popular ‘Highlights edit’, and wish to share it online, we would encourage you to choose from one of our ‘Royalty Free’ music choices as per the web sites listed in the song request email. 

Websites such as YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook may not allow you to share a video which features copyrite music. However If you have your heart set on a popular commercial song, we are happy to use what ever song you like, we just can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to upload the highlights onto YouTube or Facebook. We do find that YouTube is pretty flexible with this, but Facebook not so much. The file will be supplied to you on your USB so you can always look at alternative web sites to post your video if you wish to share it online.

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